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Cody & Megan — Minted




Things to do

Tini Martini Bar

The Brides favorite spot is the Tini Martini bar in downtown St. Augustine. With the water view and a pretty vibe, one martini will be plenty and don't say she didn't warn you! There are many cool shops and restaurants to visit while you are down there as well.

Top Golf

The Grooms favorite spot, If he isn't golfing on the greens then he is golfing at Top Golf. Have some drinks, eat some food and golf from 2 or 3 stories high. You do not need to be a golfer to participate! Give it a try and have fun!

St. Augustine Beach

If you have some time to soak up the sun and get some ocean air, visit St. Augustine Beach. The couple spends the majority of their weekends here!